Annettes Angel

We founded Annette’s Angels in 2006 in memory of our Mom. Our Mom lost her 15-year battle with breast cancer on October 25, 2005. She was a beautiful, vibrant, kind, and compassionate woman. The world is darker because of her passing.

She fought this disease with every ounce of strength she had and it is this strength that she passed on to us. It is also this strength and courage that we wanted reflected in all our pieces. While we love and applaud the effectiveness of the cute pink teddy bears and the flood of pink ribbon pins in raising awareness, we wanted items that reflect our ANGER at this disease and our POWER to fight it (or in our words, kick it in the butt!).

This site is for our Mom, her sisters, Sandy and Rita, and their Mom, Betty; strong women who have all faced and fought this fight.

It is for Grammy who battled ovarian cancer with strength and grace.

It is for Andrea, Mary, Priscilla, and the too many women - and men - in our little piece of the world that has been taken by this disease.

It is for the mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, lovers, and friends who are fighting this fight everyday.

It is for the husbands, fathers, lovers, and friends who have supported the women in their lives; and for those who have watched them fight, win, or lose.

Most importantly, to those who have bravely faced and confronted death in the eye, those have experienced the painful loss of a loved one, those who have endured and suffered, this is for YOU.

Annettes Angel

Annettes Angel

We will run our tribute to all these men and women on our Tribute page, as long as we are here. If you want to include your loved one in this listing, click here.

As part of our commitment to fight this terrible disease, we will give 50% of our profits to FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered. FORCE is the only resource of its kind for people facing genetic breast or ovarian cancers.

We love you Mom. We love you Grandma.

Barbara, Linda, Jennifer, Alyssa, Amanda and Jack